Transform Old Patterns, Transform Your Life

We are right around the corner from the equinox. Alaska is in full fall mode: golden leaves, vibrant blue skies, jeweled berries, and whimsical red mushrooms. I am so in love with the glorious energy of this season! 

This was not always the case. Fall used to mean the beginning of an epic battle with three months worth of holiday temptations: Halloween candy, Thanksgiving pies and Christmas cookies. Forget about enjoying the beautiful season, I was barely aware of it because I was stuck in my struggle.

During treat season, I would alternate between periods of total abstinence from all sweets and then a crazy free for all. My sugar bacteria would be in ecstasy while I beat myself up and pulled out my baggy sweaters.

I remember clearly what would happen right before a will-power collapse.

It all started with an uncomfortable emotion: anxiety, a sense of being overwhelmed, or extreme self-doubt and insecurity. 

I would look for ways to push away these feelings, usually in the cupboard. I would tell myself, “I am NOT going to eat that Halloween candy (which I bought, even though we've never had trick-or-treaters), I am NOT going to eat it.”

But I swear, that chocolate would take over my brain. I would then start the justifications: You deserve to enjoy your life a little. Chocolate is enjoyable! Just be normal!

But I could not be normal with sugar. It had served as my emotional security blanket for far too long. 

The over indulgences would be juxtaposed with a panic and restriction phase. And then the cycle would repeat. My will power would collapse under the weight of a sugar attack. I would try to rationalize it, telling myself that eating treats was bringing pleasure to my life and I deserved to have "pleasure".

But emotionally, eating these foods were preventing me from enjoying my life. It was an ongoing battle of fighting my addiction, enjoying a fleeting sugar high, and then hating myself for losing the fight. A roller coaster ride of abstaining, giving in, recommitting, and so on. 

I would try to ease the discomfort by saying, "Oh, let me just get through the holidays and start fresh January 1st.  I’ll get everything under control then."

We all know how well that works.

I am here to tell you that there is another way. You can transform these old patterns and instead of surviving the holiday season you can thrive in the holiday season, starting 2019 with radiant health! 

If you feel this resonating in your core, listen up!

I’m incredibly excited to be offering something new- the first ever Awaken Your Glow GROUP 12-week transformation program!

Imagine ending 2018 effortlessly, in radiant health, with ease and grace, and with a hot new body to begin the new year!

What would your holiday season feel like if you were free from sugar addiction, releasing weight instead of gaining weight, and truly enjoying special moments instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

And what if you had a fantastic group of friends to support you through your transformation?

I am overjoyed to be offering this (and more!) to three individuals who are ready to release the struggle and become vibrantly alive! And...because it is the first ever Awaken Your Glow group program I am offering $150 off the transformation price. 

In 12 weeks you will create new eating patterns; release food addiction; remove emotional eating obstacles; enjoy a beautiful, stress-free holiday season; and awaken your glow. 

I know there is a part of you that wants to believe you can be free and vibrantly alive. And I know that I can guide you to that future healthy self! Are you ready? 

This program will begin on the fall equinox (9-22) and end on the winter solstice (12-21). I can't wait to hear your story and help you release your obstacles so that you can discover radiant health and a beautiful body.

Email me at with the subject "tell me more!" for more information!