Bone Broth Tips and Tutorial

Homemade bone broth is a super food. It's full of healthy proteins, minerals and amino acids. Bone broth aids immunity, heals joins and inflammation, promotes healthy digestion, and gives you beautiful skin and hair! Here is an awesome article by Chris Kresser, if you would like to dive deep into the world of bone broth. I credit bone broth with keeping Tom and I healthy during cold and flu season. 

Tips for bone broth: 

1. Use good bones. Wild are best (moose, caribou, deer), but if that is not possible make sure your bones are from clean sources (grass fed beef, pasture raised chickens). 

2. Make friends with a butcher. In Alaska, many hunters bring their game to meat processors. The butchers are usually happy to give away the bones from the animals they are processing. If hunting is not a pastime in your location, visit a traditional butcher and inquire about the bone situation. Treat your butcher with wine and special snacks, like my friend Kelci does, and you will be bone rich! 

3. Get creative with your bone broth. I usually keep it fairly simple, but you can add chopped carrots, celery and onions. Try a variety of fresh and dried herbs until you find flavors you love. We usually sip on our broth like tea throughout the work day, but you can also use broth as your liquid in instant pot recipes or in mashed cauliflower. 

And now, a tutorial: 

Do you have a favorite bone broth recipe? I'd love to hear it!