The Sweet Taste of Freedom from Diets and Restriction

This weekend I attended a three day birthday celebration and experienced a freedom that would have been inaccessible prior to adopting a primal lifestyle. In years past, a weekend of this nature would have involved one of two scenarios (I was not skilled in the art of moderation):

Scenario A:  Worry about bringing my own food to stay on my strict diet. Worry about completing my inflexible workout regimen. Worry about whether or not to have a glass of wine or champagne (liquid calories!). Covet my friends’ celebratory food while I resentfully swallowed my dry chicken breast and broccoli. (Why could they stay so so fit when just looking at cupcakes made my pants tighter?!)

Scenario B: Decide to have a free-for-all weekend and go crazy. Use the party as an excuse to eat as much sugar as I could possibly inhale. Feel sick to my stomach and swear I would get back on track on Monday. Hate myself. Suffer through a self-loathing sugar hangover on Monday.

Thankfully, this weekend was totally different.

I didn't worry about what I was or wasn't going to eat. I didn't worry about completing calorie-scorching exercise. I didn't worry about whether or not I would have a glass of wine.

Instead I brought a few dishes that I knew I would enjoy. I sampled fancy cheeses, but stopped when I was satisfied. I didn’t have any cupcakes or chocolate because I had no cravings for sugar. I had a few glasses of wine and didn't even think about what I would have to restrict in compensation. For exercise my friends and I enjoyed yoga on the dock.

It was wonderful to feel so relaxed, in the present, and appreciative of the experience.

I spent most of my adult life worrying about what I was or wasn’t eating, how I was or wasn’t exercising.  I am so thankful to say that those days are over and what once seemed so all-consuming has vanished into oblivion.

I feel free, I feel fit, I feel healthy. I feel at ease with my nutrition and exercise.

Transitioning to a primal lifestyle made this transformation possible. When I released restrictive blocks my life became limitless. More than anything, I want to share this wonderful freedom with you.

Watch for a special coaching offer, coming soon! 

In the meantime, ask yourself, what do you need to release to live your optimal life?

♥ Are you ready to start your transformation? ♥