Embrace the Gray

Today my morning trail run felt different. It was drizzly, the forest was gray, the vibrant yellow leaves had disappeared from the trees. The woods that last week had felt like a technicolor dream world now seemed moody and dead.

The environment affected my run initially. I felt a little less excited and energetic. But then I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to reframe and embrace the gray.

True, the gray felt a little dreary, cold and dull. But what fun things did the gray signify?

I opened my mind as I ran through the woods. Soon enough, ideas began to pop into my head, making me smile and energizing my run.

The gray meant:

Nature was preparing for winter, which is such a special season in Alaska.

Darkness had returned to our nights, meaning the stars and the northern lights were presenting themselves again.

Bears were getting ready to hibernate, which meant I could soon leave the bear spray at home when I hiked.

Our wood stove would be providing such cozy heat in contrast to the chilly drizzles outside.

My evening sauna was going to feel amazing.

I focused on the blanket of yellow leaves crackling beneath my feet. I noticed the pops of jeweled red cranberries, which would be with us all winter. I felt the crisp, fresh air energize my muscles.

I’m sure you have realized by now how much I value the transformative effect of reframing.

But before you can reframe you must cultivate an awareness of the present moment.

Let’s practice with some “gray” situations that I find to be fairly universal.

You feel exhausted and unmotivated. The flip side of the gray, is that your body is trying to talk to you. You get the opportunity to be present and listen. When you listen you can get curious and ask the question: what are some simple ways you could increase energy in your life?

  • Could you stretch, take a bath, or read a book instead of scroll through social media before bed?

  • Could you say “no” to requests that tax your energy?

  • Could you start your day with a meal of protein and fat instead of sugar and grains?

You feel frustrated about your current size. What is the flip side? You are an intelligent, growing human and you get to choose how you feel about your body! You can accept it and love it in this moment, rather than berating it.

Be present, curious, and ask, “How can I love my body right now?”

A few suggestions: You are alive, right? You are breathing, right? You have a brain that gets to make choices, right?

You can choose to appreciate all that your body does for you now, and then be open to the possibility of loving your body even more. Start simple. Just open yourself up to evidence of the miracles of your body.

You feel overwhelmed by diet and nutrition advice. You want to improve your health, but you don’t know where to start.

What if you could reframe and envision the simplicity of enjoying delicious, nutrient dense foods to release weight?

(As a health coach, I can tell you that transformation starts that simply: an abundance of gorgeous, real food and an avoidance of toxic foods.)

Successful physical transformation involves mental transformation as well. Coaching the art of reframing is one of my favorite practices to ensure a successful transformation.

What “gray” can I help you reframe and embrace?

Email me: katie@awakenyourglow.com.