Keep Two, Lose Two

We’ve arrived at another holiday season and I am hearing from coworkers and friends that routines are collapsing under the weight of holiday tasks and obligations.

Those of us who value our routines can feel a little uncomfortable during this period of change and increased demands on our time. 

But what if you decide to enter this period of transition with a plan?

For example, you could decide to Keep Two, Lose Two. 

What does that mean? 

Think about two parts of your daily routine that you could complete, happily and joyfully, even when time is pinched.
•A daily walk?
•Quiet morning time with coffee?
•Cuddling with your kids?

Now, what two daily routines could you release happily and joyfully, with the plan to resume them once the festivities are over?
•Cleaning kitchen counters?
•Eight hours of sleep?

As awesome as routine can be for meeting goals, in times of change rigidly sticking to a routine can cause excessive stress.

Tom and I were recently away from home, involved in a situation that negated our normal abundance of self-care time.

I’m a little OCD and I cherish routine. But I quickly realized that being a stickler would not be an option. It was time to give up control and go with the flow. 

An thus was born the idea for Keep Two, Lose Two. 

I knew starting my mornings with quiet meditation would be essential during this period of time. I decided to stick to this even though it meant getting up earlier than I wanted to.

I also decided that I would avoid sugar. Sugar has been a self-soother in times of stress for me in the past and I knew I would feel terrible if I turned to it.

I then pondered what I could happily release. I realized early bedtimes and eight hours of sleep would be challenging. I could let that go.

I also decided I couldn’t be rigid about meal times and avoiding highly refined vegetable oils. I would just do my best, and release judgment about the situation.

Now we are back and home and I so grateful that I continued my morning mediation as it reminded me to pause and make a choice rather than reacting in many situations. I’m also grateful I chose to avoid sugar because I didn’t have to face the challenge of getting back off sugar.

We are back in our routine, enjoying eight hours of sleep, early bed times and regular meals. It feels so good to have our routine in place; but I also know I have the ability to release a little and go with the flow in the midst of this busy holiday season.

Your turn! Can you Keep Two, Lose Two?

What would you keep and what would you lose?