Define Your Why and Your Vision (Reclaiming Your Health, Part 2)

I hope you had a fabulous week treating your food like a special guest! (If you missed Part 1, here it is.) The goal for last week was to pay attention to and enjoy your food; to minimize automatic, mindless eating. I hope you had fun developing an awesome relationship with food! 

Now I would like to you to get clear about why you desire improved health, and what exactly that will look like. You will focus on your "why" and then define your vision of personal health.

This week's simple step does require a few things:

  • quiet time to focus and reflect
  • a journal or Google Docs/Word document

Before jumping into the questions, you will want to get quiet. You could engage in a quick ten minute meditation, a walk outside, a bit of stretching, a bath or shower. The goal is to quiet and clear your mind.

Are you ready? Here is your first reflection question:

Why do I want to be healthy?

For example, I've heard the following answers:

  • To have the energy to play with my kids.
  • To be a healthy role model for my daughter. 
  • To rock my wedding dress.
  • To lower my insulin levels in order to avoid diabetes.
  • To feel comfortable in my skin and confident in my clothes. 

Make a list of all the reasons you desire health. Don't judge your reasons, but do make sure that you are connected to them. When you feel strongly connected to your "why" you will find strength on your journey to health. 

Ready for your next question? 

What is your vision of radiant health? 

It's time to get very specific. What does your future healthy self look like/feel like/act like?* 

If it is too far of a stretch to envision that future healthy self, borrow examples from people you know. Now, start another list with specific examples describing your future healthy self and add to it throughout the week. Pay attention to healthy acquaintances (or strangers in the grocery store) and when you see something that you desire in your future healthy self, add it to the list. 

Here a few examples to get you inspired:

  • My future healthy self catches glimpses of herself in reflective surfaces and says, "Wow, you look amazing!"
  • She feels proud when people are shocked by her age. 
  • The moms at the playground ask how on earth she has so much energy. 
  • When she goes to the doctor for a checkup, the doctor is amazed by her weight release and  blood work and insists that she share her healthy secrets. 
  • She feels excited when she opens the fridge and thinks about the delicious meals she will make for her family. 
  • At least once a week someone tells her she is "absolutely glowing". 
  • She feels freedom when cookies show up in the break room and she doesn't want any.
  • She feels strong when she goes to the gym and sees her muscles in action. 
  • She wakes up without an alarm clock after an amazing night's sleep. 

Creating this list should feel exciting. And guess what?

If your mind can envision it, it is possible! 

Read your lists first thing in the morning and before you go to bed at night. Cross off things that don't resonate and add things that do. When you go about your day, imagine choices that your future healthy self would make, as well as thoughts or feelings she might experience. 

And continue to practice mindful eating. I know it might feel strange for a while, but I can tell you from experience that after continuous practice, non-mindful eating will start to feel strange. 

Next week we will talk more about solidifying your belief in your vision of radiant health. 

*If you want to learn more about visualizing and stepping into your future self, I recommend the podcast "Manifest it Now" by Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane. This podcast introduced me to the concept and I can't believe how much my life has changed since I've put their advice into motion.