Reframe to Transform

I have something very important to tell you today. 

I know that radiant health is not only possible for you, but it is your natural state, your birthright.

If you don't feel that this is true for you right now, why not? 

Let's start with that monkey mind. Do any of the statements below sound familiar to you? 

  • It's too hard to eat healthy and exercise. 
  • So-and-so can eat whatever she wants and not gain weight. I look at a donut and my pants get tighter! It's not fair. 
  • I don't have enough money to buy healthy food. 
  • I have bad genes; I'm destined to be unhealthy! 
  • It's not my fault that I am addicted to sugar; my parents messed me up! 
  • Life is so stressful! I need and deserve food as my reward/companion/medication. 

Those statements don't feel very good, do they? I didn't enjoy typing them. However, I've held on pretty tightly to a few of those beliefs, and I definitely hear them tossed about casually in everyday conversation. 

If you have adopted any of these statements as mantras, either consciously or subconsciously, you are likely tapping into victim-hood and blame.  I know that sounds harsh, but sometimes we have to take a good look at those thoughts in order to reframe them and transform our lives. 

One of my favorite practices to experience and teach is that of reframing. Reframing involves taking an idea that feels "negative" and transforming it into something that feels better. I'm going to take those statements above and reframe them! 

  • It is such a joy to fuel my body with food that is health giving and beautiful. I love to move my body in ways that make me happy! 
  • It is so awesome that so-and-so has such a gorgeous body! I love that I get to feel that way about my body too. 
  • I love that there are so many FREE online resources that provide tips for eating healthy on a budget. It's also exciting that the more I appreciate the abundance in my life, the more abundance comes to me! 
  • It is amazing that the new research in epigenetics says that my genes can be turned on and off by environmental factors! I love that the choices I make everyday create my healthy, radiant body. 
  • I have the ability to change the behaviors I learned in childhood. It is all a part of my journey! 
  • Life is so beautiful! I love that I have the opportunity to feel the full spectrum of emotions instead of numbing or hiding from them. 

Doesn't that feel so much better? 

You have the power to do this with every situation in your life. Circumstances and events are neutral; you get to decide how you feel about them. 

If you feel like you are ready to give up blame and victim-hood in order to transform your life, I am here to support you. 

Email me the monkey mind mantra that is holding you back and I will help you reframe it!