Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

As a teacher, I have repeatedly witnessed the power of a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset in the classroom.

Students who have developed a growth mindset come to class curious, open, and excited to learn. They understand that trying, making "mistakes", regrouping, and trying again is a part of the learning process.

Students with a fixed mindset, on the other hand, have the limiting belief that learning is hard, or even impossible. They are afraid to try because they think that making mistakes equals failure. If they do try and then "fail", they shut down because their limiting belief has just been confirmed: learning is impossible. 

I know with 100% certainty that learning is possible for all students. It is my job to implant this belief into the brains of the teenagers who enter my classroom with a fixed mindset. The great news is that I know, from years of experience, that a fixed mindset can transform into a growth mindset! 

Just like I know learning is possible for all students, I know that radiant health is possible for you. 

Let's pause and get quiet. Take a few deep breaths, connect to your inner core, and consider the following questions. 

  • What is your mindset regarding health? 
  • Do you believe that optimal health and a beautiful body are impossible for you? 
  • Do you believe that it would be too hard to achieve optimal health and a beautiful body, that it's not worth the effort? 
  • Have you tried to achieve optimal health and a beautiful body and "failed", perhaps a number of times, and you've simply given up because your limiting belief has been confirmed? 

Now, in considering those questions, did you discover that you have a fixed mindset or limiting beliefs about health? 

Awesome!! I can help you transform your fixed mindset into a growth mindset. 

Let's start by looking at those who are killing it in the healthy department.

We all know people who have radiant health and gorgeous bodies and the confusing part is that is seems like we are working so much harder than them!! Well, that's the difference. In my experience, people who are naturally healthy and slim aren't stressing about it or working hard to achieve it. They inherently BELIEVE that health is their birthright.

There are also the fit folks who have been on a health journey. They understood the power of trying different things, regrouping and trying again. They didn't let one set back confirm a fixed mindset. They believe that health and a hot body are possible and achievable-the key is finding what works for their individual body. 

It might be too big of a jump for you to adopt the mindset that health is your inherent birthright, and therefore it is effortless and easily achievable. 

But you can take steps to transform your fixed mindset into a growth mindset. 

1. It starts with awareness. Pay attention to your thoughts regarding your personal health. How often does your mental monkey say "I can't lose weight", or "I would have to work too hard to be healthy", or "I've tried everything and nothing works!" Simply recognize these thoughts, say "hmmmm, interesting" and let them pass on by. 

2. Instead of being envious of those with healthy, hot bodies use them as inspiration. This is the universe showing you that radiant health is your birthright and is 100% possible for you too! Every time you see radiant health, tell yourself, "Wow, that is my birthright too! How exciting!" When you make this mental switch and believe it at the cellular level, your body can't help but transform

3. Approach your health journey with curiosity, openness and excitement- just like my students who come to class expecting to learn. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the health information out there, be curious and open. What resonates with you and feels exciting? 

4. Try different things! When you hear about a plan that sounds interesting and exciting, try it! Commit to a month of the plan and pay attention to how you feel and how your body responds. If the plan isn't the right fit, oh well! Now you know you can easily commit to a month of trying something else. 

Isn't this fun?! You have the power to transform your mindset, transform your health and transform your life! 

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As always, I can't wait to hear from you!