Allowing verses Planning

A few months ago I’d mentioned to my husband, Tom, that I would enjoy a pink crystal, to hold and admire, and consequently use as a tool to align with the present moment. I sent the thought out into the universe, and forgot all about it.

Last week we were enjoying an afternoon in Seward, and I’d managed to convince Tom that it would be fun to visit the local artisan shops. I was, in fact, on a mission. I had a particular gift in mind for my mother-in-law and I’d set a firm intention to find the item.

About ten minutes in to our first shop Tom came up behind me and announced, “You walked right past your crystals!” He led me to a giant bin filled with shiny polished rocks, half of them gorgeous rose quartz. I couldn’t believe I’d walked past such an fantastic thing without even noticing. Even more amazingly, I discovered I could fill a cute little velvet bag for only $5.95!

I sorted through the bin, holding each crystal and admiring its unique beauty, appreciating the magical unfolding of the universe.

Later I thought about how I’d almost missed the crystals because I was so focused on a different future outcome.

How often do we do this? We set a goal or an intention and we direct our energy on achieving that single-minded goal. This results in focusing on the future, rather than aligning with the present and noticing all the beauty that is.

In January I began my annual ritual of selecting three words to guide my life in 2019. I thought about my words from last year: free, creative, abundant. I contemplated several new words, but nothing felt right.

When I was quiet in meditation, a feeling arose, one that I could describe as letting go, allowing, completely surrendering to the unfolding. That feeling felt aligned.

It seemed it was time to stop planning and just be.

Although I did not end up finding the perfect mother-in-law gift, the pink crystals, which I originally intended to use as a reminder to align with the present, came to me AS that very reminder: release planning and allow the perfection of the present. Wow!

Can you join me in taking a moment today, to stop planning and just be? I’d love to hear the beauty you discover as you allow the unfolding of the present moment.

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