Struggle versus Ease

I was recently trying to redesign my website. I'd received some vague advice about how my site was lacking. All of a sudden I felt like my website sucked. I felt confused about how to fix it. I didn't know where to start. 

As I tried to make improvements to the site I hit roadblock after roadblock. I didn't have a clear vision of what I wanted. I felt overwhelmed when I looked at other websites for comparison. As I struggled I couldn't make even the simplest changes happen.

I finally felt so frustrated that I just gave up.

I mentioned this to my amazing Coach Ginny and she helped me re-frame my attitude and approach. Ginny gave me five simple and clear steps to improve my website. Just listening to her explain the steps made my vision crystal clear. 

After our conversation I returned to my website, but this time with an attitude of excitement and ease. As I followed each step, things that I'd struggled with before rolled seamlessly into place. The process was fun and easy.

I had a realization that this is what I do with my clients; I help turn a struggle into an exciting health journey that flows with ease. 

  • I guide my clients to develop a clear vision of what radiant health looks and feels like.
  • I help identify and release obstacles.
  • I provide simple and easy steps to follow. 

And then the magic happens. 

I know that many of you can relate this story as you consider your health journey. You might even find yourself saying things like:

  • "Losing weight is so hard for me."
  • "There is so much information out there, I feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start!"
  • "There are too many roadblocks: my kids, not enough time, holiday cookies!" 
  • "I've tried everything and nothing works!" 

Perhaps it's time to re-frame these statements. For example: 

  • "I am on the path to improving my health."
  • "I improve my health by taking simple steps every day.
  • "The simple steps I take are easy and fun." 
  • "I can see progress resulting from these simple steps every day!" 

What simple steps can you commit to for a month? Are you lacking direction?

I can help!

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Once you receive your PDF, choose three of the steps, commit for a month, and begin your transformation! 

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