Change your Perspective, Change your Life

My coworker, a very gracious hostess, requested my menu input for our annual holiday party.

She said, "I know there are a handful of you on that restrictive diet, and I don't know how to prepare for that!"

I was taken aback! I was on a restrictive diet? This was news to me.

I asked her, "Will you be serving vegetables, meat, seafood, cheese or fruit?"


"Then we will be all set!" 

I thanked her for her kindness and then reflected for a bit. I realized that I feel like my eating habits have never been less restrictive. I feel free and easy around food. 

I eat when I'm hungry. Everything tastes delicious. I enjoy abundant, satiating fats that I never would have "allowed" myself in the past. I'm not restricted to eating every three hours. I'm not a slave to glucose.

I eat foods like moose burgers with avocado mayo, broccoli dipped in butter, Brussels Sprouts roasted in avocado oil, sheep cheese and Dry Farms wine, eggs fried in butter with a side of bacon. 

I know that some of my clients are hesitant when I ask them to avoid toxic foods for a one month period. I understand that the plan may initially look "restrictive", unless a perspective shift takes place.

I encourage my clients to think instead about what they CAN eat. I instruct them to eat only food they love and to really enjoy each meal. I teach my clients to listen to their body's hunger and satiety signals. My clients realize they won't go hungry and they won't feel deprived. 

Soon they are excited about the new foods they can create in the kitchen, the pleasure food gives them, the satisfying meals they are eating. 

What once seemed restrictive now feels like freedom. 

When we can change our perspective we can change our lives. 

For example, let's say you are upset at your body for holding on to extra weight. Can you instead appreciate that you have a body and take steps to care for it lovingly every day? 

Perhaps you believe that you have tried every diet and nothing works. Can you shift your perspective to the idea that perhaps a diet isn't the answer, that toxic foods could be causing inflammation and that removing them could heal your body? 

Maybe you have a perception that healthy eating is too hard and not worth the effort. Can you instead understand that taking care of your body can be joyful and stress-relieving? 

What is your biggest struggle? Email me at katie@awakenyourglow and I will help you change your perspective!