When You Slip Up, Do You Give Up?

I overheard a conversation earlier this week: a woman was lamenting that she had "totally overdone it" over the holiday weekend. She felt she'd gone crazy at the dessert table and now she was off the rails, devouring every sugary item in sight.

She started listing off the holiday parties she would be attending in the upcoming month and how the temptation of the goodies would be too great to resist. She might as well give up; she was resigned to indulging in excessive treats for the entire holiday season, gaining five pounds, and then pledging to lose it all and get in even better shape- starting January 1st.

Does this sound familiar? 

When you slip are you able to pick yourself up, without shame or regret, and keep moving forward?

Or when you slip up, do you give up?

You don't have to give up this holiday season.

You do not have to resign yourself to uncomfortably snug jeans, sugar hangovers, guilt, and a looming diet on January 1st. 

Are you ready to try something different this year?

For now, I have one easy suggestion for you. Start by taking on the role of an observer. Pay attention to your subconscious holiday treat mentality and your conditioned, automatic behavior. 

For example:

When someone offers you a plate of holiday fudge, do you: 

  • Politely decline; you are really not hungry. 
  • Accept a piece and eat a few bites slowly, taking the time to savor each morsel. 
  • Take three pieces and eat them automatically; 'tis the season after all! 

When you think about the special days ahead, which comes to your mind first? 

  • eggnog, fudge, peppermint bark, truffles 
  • time with family, pajamas and a cozy fire, colorful lights
  • stress about holiday gatherings, anxiety about finishing the Christmas shopping, lack of sleep due to revising the holiday letter 

When you receive a plate of mixed holiday cookies as a gift, do you?:

  • Pick out your favorite cookie to enjoy and leave the rest in the break room at work. 
  • Eat all the cookies, even the stale gingerbread; it was a gift and to do otherwise would be rude! 
  • Eat them all and then move on to the cookies someone left in the break room at work. 

If you are ready to try something different, simply start by gaining an awareness of your thoughts and behavior.

That's it: just pay attention and be an observer.

I'd love to hear what you notice! I welcome you to share in the comment section.