Easy Blender Pasta Sauce

When my husband first agreed to try primal nutrition (which included giving up all grains) he looked at me quizzically and asked,  “Well, what’s left to eat?” He was worried that without the  foundation of many of his meals (rice, quinoa, pasta, bread, pizza dough) he would be starving AND missing out on all the “good stuff”. I shared  Mark Sisson’s insight that people only really like what comes on top of the grains (butter, cheese, pasta sauce, nut butters) and that we could have all of those things, just on different foods, like zucchini noodles, spaghetti squash, cauliflower puree and roasted vegetables. At the time I don’t think he was convinced but was willing to try, at least for a one month period. After just two weeks he realized that primal food actually tasted better, his energy was higher, his brain was crystal clear, his mood was joyful and his testosterone was soaring (in a good way). This is now, unquestionably, our way of life.

A staple in our house is pasta sauce.While sauteing vegetables is usually the preferred method for creating homemade sauce, sometimes I find myself short on time after work and wishing to prepare a meal quickly.  I’m also not much of a measure-er (mostly because we don’t have running water and I avoid dirtying extra dishes), so I usually just throw the following items in the Vitamix and flip the on switch. I often make this right after veggie green smoothies, without rinsing the blender. This adds a bit of greens to the sauce and serves as another water saving strategy. We love this sauce on roasted spaghetti squash topped with a protein and kalamata olives.

Easy Blender Pasta Sauce.jpg