The Joy of Releasing Chronic Cardio

For the entirety of my adult life I was a chronic cardio junkie. Determined to avoid the freshman fifteen, the college me spent hours every day running, doing step aerobics, and climbing the stairmaster.  Post college, and burned out on those activities, I became a DVD addict. Jillian Michaels, P90X, Buti Fitness, Insanity- if there was an infomercial for it,  I’d completed the program. I loved that I could hang with Shaun T for an hour, thinking it was normal to end the workout collapsed in an exhausted puddle on the floor, followed shortly by raging hunger and  extreme soreness. I remember going to a masseuse for shoulder pain, feeling proud when he exclaimed that I was always so tight- as if he was complimenting me for being such a committed exercise devotee! As I aged I noticed that it took more and more exercise (and more calorie restriction) to maintain my weight. This was incredibly frustrating: I was working so hard and doing everything “right”, according to conventional wisdom, but  it wasn’t working! Cue mood swings, irritability, and a negative attitude towards exercise and food.

Enter Mark Sisson, the man who dramatically changed my concept of exercise (and honestly, life in general). I read his book and felt the truth of his message in every cell of my body. I decided to adopt the primal nutrition program, and I immediately released my lengthy, intense cardio sessions while I became fat adapted. I felt a delicious sense of freedom. I started each morning with yoga and meditation, as opposed to popping in a workout DVD. I took daily walks, and went hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding, ice skating and skiing (depending on the season). I enjoyed every second of my time outdoors, listening to the birds and observing the vegetation as it changed through the seasons. The sun seemed brighter, the world more vivid and spectacular.  I felt so amazing that I would occasionally get a spontaneous desire to bust out a handful of sprints while out on a walk. (It was like my ancestral genes were talking to me!) My body felt younger than it did at 25, during which period I have come to realize, I was battling chronic inflammation. Releasing chronic cardio ended the inflammation, left me feeling absolutely fantastic AND in need of a smaller clothing. It seemed too good to be true. But it’s not! I am so grateful to be living my best life.  

I want you to live your best life too. Does any part of my story resonate with you? Are you looking for a release from chronic cardio? I would love to help you! Please drop me a line in the contact section.