Spring Cleaning for the Body, Mind and Soul

The arrival of spring motivates many of us to clean out our closets and garages. This process feels so amazing- so why stop with the house? I encourage you to take that momentum and utilize it in the most important cleansing endeavor of all: YOU!

Spring Cleaning for the Body:

The food you put into your body is the most important factor in reaching optimal health. Let’s start with some baby steps in the kitchen. Here are two things you can do that will dramatically benefit all of your cells and tissues:

  • Rid your pantry of highly refined polyunsaturated vegetable oils (canola, corn, safflower, sunflower) and the foods that contain them. These oils are prone to oxidation which increases inflammation and free radical damage in the body. Oxidative damage leads to premature aging, heart disease, liver damage, immune dysfunction and cancer.

  • Purge your cupboards of processed food that contains partially hydrogenated trans fat. This type of fat is also easily oxidized and has been directly linked to obesity, heart disease, immune system dysfunction and all around systemic inflammation. This is why Denmark, followed by many other European countries, banned hydrogenated trans fat in 2004. You can issue your own ban and forbid this toxin from ever entering your mouth.

Spring Cleaning for the Mind:

Our minds need cleaning too. Pay attention to your self-talk. It takes some time to become aware of that inner voice, but try to pay attention. The first step is to observe the self-talk and the second is to decide if it serves you. If you find that your self talk is predominantly negative be aware that you have the power to change it. (I will talk more about this in another post.)

  • Start a meditation practice.  Meditation utilizes breath work as an anchor to the present, which can help you identify and observe your inner voice. Ten minutes a day is a great way to begin. You can use an app like Calm or Headspace to learn the basics, or search for guided meditations on YouTube. Once you understand the process you can set a timer for ten minutes and practice on your own.

  • Take regular tech breaks. We have SO much information constantly flooding our brains that it seems like over-stimulation is the norm. Giving your mind some down time is extremely cleansing and productive. Take a nap, play with your kids, cuddle with your partner or your pet, watch the sunset. Give your mind some downtime! (And, no, I don’t consider TV or Netflix downtime for the mind.)

Spring Cleaning for the Soul:

  • Live in gratitude and appreciation. There is always something to be grateful for, regardless of your circumstances. You can start a gratitude journal or share with a gratitude buddy. When you write or say your gratitudes, feel the emotion behind them. Living in appreciation brings more juicy goodness into your life; it’s truly magical!

  • Go outside! Observe the trees, the sounds, the light. If you can visit a waterfall or hike through the mountains you will encounter an abundance of negative ions that will energize your body at the cellular level; this is absolutely soul-cleansing behavior.

Are you ready to take your spring cleaning to the next level? Contact me to learn more about the Awaken Your Glow Spring Cleaning program!