Rediscover Play!

A few years ago I was tired. Physically tired from working out. Mentally tired from thinking too much about food and what should or should not go into my mouth. Emotionally tired when my pants feel tight or if the scale isn’t budging. This was me pre-primal, following a regimented exercise and eating routine that left little time/energy for play or creative endeavors. When I released the regimentation and transitioned to a primal lifestyle, a new sense of lightness and play materialized. I felt free and joyful; suddenly every moment of every day felt fabulous. Tom and I constantly remarked that previously we had no idea that life could feel this incredible.  

Having more freedom allowed for more time to play, particularly outside. We took up new activities like paddle boarding, outdoor photography and foraging. We would hike, ice skate, ski, sled and fish after work. My former self would have been too tired, too worried about mealtimes, or too restrictive with time to do such things. It’s been so invigorating to experience creative downtime!

Science backs up the importance of play. The research-based Primal Blueprint program emphasizes recreational activities for their favorable impact on immune function, blood levels (particularly triglycerides and glucose), stress, creative capabilities and weight management.

I encourage you to bring more opportunities for play into your life. Start with baby steps if you feel so inclined:

  • skip rocks

  • spin on a tire swing

  • swing in a hammock

  • bounce on a trampoline

  • practice your cartwheels

  • look for treasures in nature, like heart-shaped rocks or pennies (I’m really good at this one!)  

What is your favorite way to play? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram!