Olive and Caribou Marrow Tapenade

I roast quite a bit of wild game bones for our weekly dose of broth, which means I am often swimming in marrow. Marrow is decadent: rich, creamy and flavorful, so I usually enjoy it by the small spoonful. A little goes a long way!  This week I was craving something different. I decided to make tapenade, as I thought the tang of olives, lemon juice and capers might jive nicely with the earthy, creamy caribou marrow. It turned out delicious! Of course, you can use any bones that you can access. I’m sure that those of you in bigger cities can find a friendly butcher who will sell (or even give) you bones. (My beautiful friend Kelci discovered a game processor who graciously sets bones aside for her.)  If you can get your hands on moose or caribou bones you will be in for a treat!

To begin, roast your bones on a foil lined cookie sheet at 400°F for 20-25 minutes. I usually know the marrow is cooked when I see dark bubbles forming on the top. 

Then poke the marrow out of the bone- I love when it plops out in one smooth tube! You can add a little salt and pepper and enjoy the marrow by the spoonful, as a spread or add it to other dishes, as in this tapenade. 

olive and marrow tapenade