Detecting and Outfoxing Emotional Cravings

I was feeling restless the other day. I was experiencing a mental block while working on a big project and frustration was creeping in. I could feel the frustration transitioning to anxiety and self-doubt. Suddenly, I was daydreaming about sliding open the silverware drawer, grabbing a spoon, opening the fridge and reaching for the almond butter. How enjoyable a fat scoop of almond butter would be! Because I’ve been practicing, I was able to pull back and became an observer of my thoughts. It was interesting that the uncomfortable feelings led to the almond butter jar. I asked myself a few questions: Was I hungry? Nope. Was I experiencing an emotional craving? Yep.  I’ve been through this scenario a number of times in my past, feeling the strong pull of sugar when I was really looking to bury the feelings of anxiety and self-doubt. I’ve since given up sugar, but that doesn’t mean that other foods can’t take its place in my brain’s emotional craving game.

Once I determined that my almond jar fantasy was not an authentic craving I turned to my tried and true anxiety remedy: I went outside. I took a hike in the woods. I stopped to notice the new buds forming on the plants and trees, to appreciate the bright green ferns poking out of the layer of decayed fall leaves. I watched the birds and listened to them calling to one another. The walk was refreshing and renewed a deep sense of appreciation in my soul. But when I came back in the cabin and tried to sit once again with my project the frustration came rushing back. I clearly wasn’t done with my mental break yet.

So I played one of my favorite inspirational podcasts and cleaned out a cupboard. And you know what? The podcast happened to be about the very issue with which I was seeking guidance! I gratefully received the inspiration I had been craving, I felt accomplished about my tidy cabinet, and I had a subsequent break through on my project. All without almond butter!

If you are dealing with emotional cravings, I know they can feel impossible to resolve. Especially when that sugar-craving gut bacteria controls us like a puppet on a string.  But I do know from first-hand experience that you can discover freedom from sugar.  You might still encounter emotional cravings, but I am here to help you deal with them! 

♥How do you outfox emotional cravings? Let me know your tricks in the comments. ♥