Finding an Eating Plan that is Right for YOU

I feel so fortunate to have found (after many years of trying EVERYTHING) a nutritional program that works for me. I eat an abundance of healthy fats and vegetables, moderate amounts of animal protein, and occasionally full fat dairy (like aged goat and sheep's cheese with Dry Farm's wine!). I love this food: it makes me feel healthy, energetic, and contentedly satiated. Maintaining my weight is effortless. I don't love labels, but for explanation's sake I follow a primal/keto lifestyle. 

This feels good for me, but I understand how it is not for everyone. I had three conversations yesterday with people who were interested in a primal transition but did not feel right eating meat. Meat was not only unappealing, but eating it did not feel aligned with their core being. I believe it is important to listen to your core beliefs and follow what feels right and makes you feel good. (Unless what makes you feel good is an abundance of processed foods, sugars, and vegetable seed oils. Then I think your body might benefit from dietary changes.)

It is so easy to be swayed by the plethora of nutritional advice constantly bombarding us. When you find yourself getting caught up in social media's newest diets, stop and ask yourself:

  • Does this feel right to me?
  • Does this feel sustainable to me?
  • Does eating this way excite and motivate me?

When I started to learn about the primal lifestyle it resonated in every cell of my body. On the other hand, my brother's girlfriend, whom he had cajoled into going paleo, watched "What the Health" and realized that she really didn't feel right eating so much meat on the paleo plan. She honored her feelings and decided to try out a vegan cleanse. 

One of the wisest things I learned during my Primal Health Coach certification program is that authentic healthy eating is more about what we avoid (once again: processed foods; refined sugars; unhealthy fats from vegetable/seed oils, margarine and shortening) than what we eat. 

Have you discovered the right eating plan for YOU? I'd love to hear in the comments below. 

♥ Are you ready to start your transformation? ♥