Looking Inside to Transform the Outside: Body Image and Freedom

Adopting a primal lifestyle transformed my life in countless ways. I solved digestive issues, I felt nourished and satisfied with delicious food, my body learned how to use fat as fuel, I ended a sugar addiction, I stopped dieting and started living my life fully, moment to moment. 

But honestly, this lifestyle change would not have been possible without addressing internal issues as well. I had to look inside to transform my outside. This is how I began my transformation:  

♥ I practiced loving and appreciating my body as is. For many years I operated under the assumption that my life would be amazing when I could wear an ancient, carefully preserved pair of jeans that fit perfectly in my mid twenties. I am convinced that constantly desiring to be thinner made losing weight very difficult. I was too focused on what I wasn't instead of all of realizing my body's wonderful goodness. When I focused on how strong and awesome my body already was, it was so easy to nourish it and treat it with love. 

♥ I analyzed what I really wanted as a result of weight release. I realized that I craved freedom. I wanted to be that person eating what she wanted to eat, when she wanted to eat it (instead of constantly planning and restricting) and absolutely loving every bite (instead of feeling guilty). I wanted the freedom to play outdoors on a whim instead of completing a dreaded workout video. I wanted to feel healthy and happy; free and flowing. 

Once I completed these steps the primal lifestyle felt absolutely perfect.