Easing the Sugar Detox with Bling Bombs

Tom ran out of healthy food on his week long fishing expedition in Yakutat. Upon his return, he sheepishly reported back to his drill sergeant (me) that he had indulged in junk food and was ready for a detox. He'd noticed a few things during his food free-for-all: once he started in on the sugar his thoughts became controlled by the greedy bacteria in his gut demanding more. It was difficult to stop once he'd started. He felt sleepier than normal, and not as intellectually sharp. But he also admitted that he'd really enjoyed the moments of devouring that sugar. We've picked up the phrase "glorious exceptions" from Todd White of Dry Farm Wines. These occasionally happen while traveling: we enjoy ourselves without guilt and then get right back on track. 

To help Tom whip those sugar bacteria into shape I experimented with my fat bomb recipe, trying different nut butters. They are heavenly, but I've named them Bling Bombs because they are a little pricey to create. (Tom calls them methodone.)  You could save money by making the macadamia or pecan butters in your food processor.  

fat bombs