Transformation: Understanding Why You Eat

I have great news for you: Any diet can help you release weight!

And I have not so great news for you: Any diet will stop working if you don’t confront the underlying issues of emotional eating.

I talk about releasing sugar addiction often, because that was my transformative a-ha. Successfully completing my first primal cleanse transformed my physical body, but more importantly, it prodded me to discover an awareness of my conditioned eating behaviors.

I realized, with crystal-clear-clarity, something my subconscious had been struggling with all along: I used sugary foods as an emotional security blanket.

When I felt the uncomfortable sensations of anxiety, self-doubt, and self-criticism I tried to push them away with the dopamine producing effects of sugar. I associated sugar with self-soothing. I don’t regret those years, because I realize how this behavior served me until I was ready to dig deep and learn new behaviors.

I can look back now and see that for most of my life I was biologically and mentally addicted to sugar.

Ugghh, it was such a struggle! I knew that sugar was “bad” for me, so I would restrict it, but eventually my will power bubble would pop and I would dive into an epic sugar free for all. This cycle repeated continuously.

When I finally completed that first primal cleanse, in which I was 100% invested, I cultivated an awareness of my emotional eating patterns.

I learned that it was okay to feel anxious and self-critical. Through my meditation practice I discovered how to take on the role of an observer when those thought patterns popped up, and say “Oh, interesting. It’s you again!”. I learned that these feelings were not me.

They were temporary emotions, and when I got curious about them, instead of resisting or trying to numb them with food, they would hang out for a bit, and then flow on through.

Completing the cleanse taught me that I didn’t need sugar to avoid uncomfortable emotions. This was absolutely transformative and life-changing.

In the process, I also cleaned up my gut biome, which eliminated my physical addiction to sugar. It was all so amazing.

Are you ready to open up with curiosity, to ask yourself the question: “Why do I eat?”

Do you eat for purpose, for joy, for pleasure?

Have you ever used food to feel better, to numb emotions, to push away uncomfortable feelings?

If you are ready to release the struggle, I am here to guide you. Click here for more information.