Weight Loss versus Weight Release

When I first became a health coach I realized how uncomfortable I felt with the term “weight loss”. To me, the word “loss” feels like something difficult, sad, and unfortunate. Normally we don’t like to lose things!

Reframing “weight loss” to “weight release” felt more in alignment with a successful and effortless transformation process. The word “release” feels like letting go of something with love and ease. And this is exactly how I coach my clients through the transformation process.

Tuning into the media’s perception of “weight loss” confirms the common perception that a physical transformation entails deprivation, hardship, missing out on the joys of life, and struggle.

Not on my watch!

I know that you get to choose how you want your physical transformation to feel.

If you start the process with the mindset that it’s difficult, guess what? It’s going to be difficult.

But what if you spent some time preparing your mindset before beginning a transformation process?

What if you understood in your core the truth of how easy and effortless it is to release weight when you rid your body of toxic foods and enjoy delicious, nutrient dense meals?

It doesn’t have to be hard! It doesn’t have to include excessive exercise, restriction, or ever feeling hungry. When your body receives the nutrients that it needs it will be begin to release the weight effortlessly.

I believe that many people stay in the zone of discomfort and unease with their physical bodies because they are afraid that transformation will be hard.

I sincerely want you to understand that the absolute opposite of this can be your reality.

It’s time to start shifting your perspective: right now consider the possibility that releasing weight can be joyful, effortless, and incredibly exciting.

When I witness real-food transformations I am filled with joy because they have a commonality. People express the ease and beauty of the transformation. And once the mind is released from the constant struggle of diets and restriction a whole new world of un-stoppability and opportunities arises.

It is so exciting! I want this for you.

What would your world be like if you could feel ease and joy around nourishing food?

What if you could devote your energy to your passions instead of food-stigma and body image issues?

I want you to experience this magical feeling.

And it starts with your mindset.

When you find yourself frightened by the thought of a diet or nutrition plan, ask yourself, “What if it’s easy? What if it’s so much fun that I can’t even remember what it feels like to be in the struggle?”

Just begin to open your mind. Practice awareness. Focus on the success of others. (Here’s a perfect example to get you started.)

When you hear someone complaining about their size or how hard it is to lose weight (especially if it’s yourself!) pause and think, “Is that really true? What if it’s easy and effortless?”

Tap into that feeling of success and ease.

When you have reframed your mindset and you are ready to transform your physical body, you will experience countless joys and a whole new level of life. I promise.