The Struggle is Real

Writing the word "struggle" in the title of this blog post was hard for me. I'm all about releasing the struggle, and I believe that my thoughts and words create my reality. But I had a realization that it is first necessary to acknowledge and sit with the struggle before you can begin to release it. 

I was talking to my Coach Ginny about this the other day. She asked how my week was and I was just oozing about how fabulous life is, how free and creative and abundant I feel. She reminded me that just three short years ago this was not the case. 

What was my struggle three years ago?  Goodness, it's almost painful to go back to that time.  I was living a life of never-ending diets, restriction and chronic exercise. I battled an obsession with food (what to eat/what not to eat), negative self-talk, a lack of confidence and body image issues. 

I was so tired. Mentally tired from thinking about food and what I looked like in my clothes and physically tired from too much exercise. I felt embarrassed for letting these surface, "first-world" issues consume me. I am sharing this because I know that many of you are in this same position. I hear it from readers, from acquaintances, from posts on social media. 

I remember clearly that diet mentality struggle and know that I had to get real with it and recognize its impact on my life before I could release it. 

If you feel like you are consumed by the struggle right now, I know it may seem impossible to release it. But I encourage you to take one tiny step today: simply open your mind to a life without the struggle. 

Imagine it. What would life without the struggle look and feel like?

  • What would be your first thought upon waking up?
  • How would it feel to pick out clothes from the closet?
  • What would it feel like to open the refrigerator?
  • How would your trips to the grocery store be different?
  • How would a life without the struggle change who you are as a boss, employee, parent, sibling, friend?

I know you can do this! Open your mind to the possibility to life without the struggle. When those obsessive thoughts or negative self-comments pop up imagine what it would be like if they were exactly the opposite! For example: 

"Uggh, I'm trying so hard and the scale won't budge!" could be "Wtf, I am eating delcious foods, moving my body in ways I love and my clothes are falling off!"

Just try this, make it a game! You don't have to believe it yet. Simply imagine what life would look and feel like. 

 I would be fascinated to hear how this goes. Email me your realizations at!