Awakening Radiant Health Part 4: Conscious Awareness

Last week, in Part 3 of the Awakening Radiant Health series, I encouraged you to take just ten minutes a day to practice stillness and create space.

I hope that you were able to do so, and that you began to notice that the human mind is usually filled with racing thoughts: often judgements, worries, desires and criticisms.

Observing your thoughts, without judgement, will help you develop awareness. This awareness will serve as your guide to unlimited potential for radiant health.


It will give you the space and presence to observe conditioned beliefs and automatic behaviors.

We all have narratives that run through our heads. These narratives were created by past experiences. The stories, when we are unconscious of them, trigger automatic behaviors. Let’s look at a few examples that I see most often.

Narrative: “I will only experience love if I lose weight.” Automatic behavior: start yet another diet plan.

Narrative: “I can’t allow myself to feel discomfort/anxiety/sadness/failure.” Automatic behavior: numb the feelings with food, alcohol, shopping, etc.

Narrative: “Taking time for self-care is selfish.” Automatic behavior: take care of everyone else’s needs at the expense of my own health.

Narrative: “I am afraid to fail.” Automatic behavior: Living small and saying “no” to change and growth.

Narrative: “I am empty, lonely, and disconnected.” Automatic behavior: Overeat to fill the void.

Narrative: “I am scared to be seen and heard.” Automatic behavior: Hide behind extra weight.

Narrative: “I must stay in control of my weight.” Automatic behavior: Count calories, restrict, over-exercise.

Do any of these narratives or behaviors resonate with you?

Congratulations! That is so exciting.

You are creating conscious awareness!

From conscious awareness you have the power to free yourself from the conditioned beliefs and automatic behaviors of the ego.

From this space you will develop the ability to make aligned choices to achieve lasting health.

Let’s review the main concepts we have discussed so far.

Acceptance means accepting that you are exactly where you need to be: that this message is resonating with you because it is time to take a closer look at conditioned thoughts and behaviors.

Appreciation includes appreciating that you are absolutely able to detach from the conditioned narratives of the ego and the automatic responses that have been controlling your life.

Creating space allows you to witness, as a detached observer, the unconscious beliefs of the ego.

Have you noticed that in this series of Awakening Radiant Health I have not told you what foods to eat, how much to eat, what foods to avoid, how much exercise to do? This is because I have learned that this technique rarely leads to long-term results.

Instead, the steps of acceptance, appreciation, and awareness will allow you to build the foundation from which you can make aligned choices to change your life.

If you are still with me, I acknowledge you for being open to a different path to health. This is the real deal, and doing the work can be scary and uncomfortable. I am proud of you.

I also feel so much love and joy for you, because I know you can free yourself from the ego-based obstacles that have kept you stuck in unconscious living.

I would love to hear from you. What narrative are you observing most often, and how is that story leading to automatic behaviors?

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