Creating Your Beautiful Body for Life

Last week we talked about your ability to choose a life of radiant health, by establishing a solid belief in your ability and taking aligned baby steps.

Isn’t exciting to think that you have the wisdom within to create your beautiful body for life?

If you are thinking, “Yeah, I just don’t think that’s possible,” it’s time to solidify your belief.

It doesn’t matter what you believed yesterday. You get to create a new belief NOW.

As within, so without.

When you identify with radiant health you will begin to attract evidence to support that belief. What you believe within is what the world reflects back to you.

You have likely been thinking some pretty harsh things about your body and you’ve likely spent years thinking that diets were the solution to lose those unwanted pounds and gain happiness.

You have spent so much time stuck in the belief that if you don’t follow a diet you will gain weight, that being healthy is hard and restrictive, that if you try to trust your food intuition you will lose control.

Do not judge or regret those years, because they have brought you to this time, this moment in which you are done with the struggle.

You are ready to open your mind to another way.

It is going to take time to solidify new beliefs, but it is so worth the investment.

Begin by building an awareness of your thoughts. Again- I can’t recommend meditation enough!I If you are new to meditation, an app like “Calm” or “Headspace” can help guide you to awareness of the voice in your head.

When you become aware of that voice, and it says things like:

“Ugggh, these pants are too tight!”

“It’s so easy for everyone else to lose weight- what’s wrong with me?”

“I can only have a piece of cake if I run an hour tomorrow.”

Calmly redirect the voice. You could say:

I am creating my beautiful body for life.

Every time you counter a conditioned belief with the statement above you are making a choice to build a new belief.

Now, take a moment to begin to create your vision of radiant health. Answer the following questions.

What does it mean to be healthy?

What is your vision of radiant health?

Most importantly, what does it FEEL like to be that vision of radiant health?

Does it feel like freedom when you go out with girlfriends because you have the choice to eat whatever you want instead of adhering to a diet plan?

Does it feel like an ocean of gratitude as you look in the mirror at your beautiful, strong, sexy, body?

Does it feel like confidence as you strut into work with a genuine smile on your glowing face?

If so, build awareness of all the ways in which you already experience freedom, gratitude and confidence in your life right now.

When you meet a friend for coffee tap into the feeling of freedom- you have the time and space in your day to enjoy friendship!

When your partner makes the bed just the way you like it, pause and feel appreciation and gratitude.

When you feel accomplished while practicing a skill or engaging in a hobby, soak up that sense of confidence.

You ARE free, grateful and confident! Really pay attention to those feelings now. Focusing on the areas in your life in which you experience these feelings already will open the door to creating your vision of radiant health.

Remember, in each moment you have the choice to take aligned baby steps to create your beautiful body for life. The more you act in health, the more health you attract. The more you believe in your healthy body, the more your body responds.

If your baby step is taking a walk after dinner, as you head out the door tell yourself, “I am creating my radiant body! It feels so good to move in such a joyful way.” Be present and pleased with yourself for your aligned action.

Solidify your belief by countering conditioned thoughts with a mantra that feels aligned, like, “I am creating my beautiful body for life.”

Act in alignment with baby steps that feel joyful.

I am so proud of you for opening your mind to a different way.

What questions do you have for me? How can I help you in your transformation to radiant health?

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