Release Diet Addiction to Create Radiant Health

Do you feel a tingle of excitement when you hear about a new diet plan that promises a quick fix for easy weight loss?

Are you constantly searching for the one special program that is going to solve your problems and finally result in body confidence and happiness?

Do you have two sizes of clothing in your closet: one for when you are religiously following a diet plan and the other for when you have fallen off the wagon?

Do you have a belief that weight release is hard and the only way to lose the pounds is through sacrifice, hard work and restriction?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you might be stuck in a cycle of diet addiction.

Don’t worry- you are not alone! This conundrum is all too common in today’s society, in which social media, advertisements, and lifestyle influencers bombard us with solutions to weight issues.

To be fair, it is true that ALL diet plans can work, if you believe in the plan and follow it religiously.

But, take a minute to think about this honestly, do you really want to be on a diet plan for the rest of your life: sacrificing, restricting and working so hard?

I know you are meant to live a life that is so much bigger and meaningful than that.

You don’t need that one special plan to release weight and reclaim your health.

You can begin right NOW (not next Monday, or at the beginning of the month, or two weeks before your class reunion) with:

  • a belief that radiant health is yours for the taking

  • small, aligned, baby steps

Belief: Diet plans work when people invest belief in the process and the outcome. So why don’t you invest belief in your ability to achieve radiant health? And why not believe, deep in the truth of your core, that discovering your path to health can be joyful, freeing, and better than you could ever have imagined? What magic could occur in your life if you TRULY believed that?

Aligned Baby Steps: You don’t want to be on a restrictive diet plan for the rest of you life. You are done with the quick fixes that require sacrifice and restriction. Now you are creating your beautiful, healthy body for life. Start small, with a simple step that feels good to YOU. This should be a step that you could joyfully complete each day. When you feel like that step is a integral and effortless part of your day, choose another step to implement.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Take an evening stroll after dinner.

  • Exchange sparkling water for sugary beverages.

  • Replace one take out meal for a home-cooked meal.

  • Increase the volume and variety of vegetables in your diet.

  • Increase health-giving fats and decrease toxic fats.

  • Make 8 hours of sleep a priority.

  • Opt for pure dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

If none of those sounds appealing, open your mind to discovering aligned baby steps you could joyfully choose to create your beautiful body for life.

Remember, YOU get to choose your belief about achieving radiant health, and YOU get to choose the steps that feel aligned, effortless and joyful.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that you can glow with radiant health. I am holding you in that vision of radiant health. I believe in YOU!

All you have is the NOW, go ahead and get started!

What is your belief about achieving health and what is one aligned baby step you could start today?