How Can I Help YOU?

Most weekends, like clockwork, inspiration arrives and I know exactly what I want to talk to you about. I can feel in an instant the onset of inspiration. Usually this begins with a kernel of an idea while I am walking in nature. By they time I sit down at the computer the words flow effortlessly and I feel like I am talking directly to you.

This week, however, I had a few ideas for topics, but none of them felt inspired.

That is fine with me, because I know not to force something when it isn’t there. I gave myself judgement-free space. Over the years I’ve learned to act when I feel aligned and inspired, and practice being when I don’t.

But then, I started to think about my purpose, why I write this blog and record the podcast. It’s because of YOU.

It also might stem from my career as a teacher. When I experience or learn something that affects me profoundly I can’t help but share.

For most of my adult life I was stuck in the diet mentality. I spent so many hours obsessing or worrying about food. And I know I’m not alone here.

I was once telling a good friend that when Tom is fishing he forgets all about eating. He often goes all day without once thinking about food!

This amazed me, as I spent most of my days eagerly anticipating what I was going to eat next or struggling against “unhealthy” cravings.

I remember asking my friend, “Is there any hobby or activity in your life that would make you temporarily forget about food?”

Her answer: “Eating!”

Would you say the same thing?

The diversity and breadth of the diet industry tells me that there are millions of people who are caught up in the struggle.

I want to help YOU find freedom from the struggle. That is the purpose of my blog and podcast.

Today, I’m wondering…

Do you feel like you are a slave to the struggle? Do you feel like food obsession is preventing you from living a radiant, fulfilled life? What are your obstacles? What are you missing out on in life because of body image issues or diet obsession?

How can I help you?

If you are a hiker, you might have experienced conversations with those in front of or behind you on the path. You have probably shared trail reports and experiences. You might have discussed the parts of the path that were difficult, or the areas that were the most rewarding.

We are all on this health journey together.

(FYI: just when I think I have everything “figured out” I discover another layer. That’s the exciting thing about life: there is ALWAYS more to learn and experience.)

I feel inspired to share with you in the hopes that I can provide a bit of insight on your path to health.

If you feel called to share with me, I would LOVE to hear from you. This can be as simple as a topic you would like me to address. Again, how can I help YOU?

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