Six Healthy Eating Myths Busted!

I’ve heard a lot of myths about healthy eating. Maybe your brain has latched on to one of these myths and it's holding you back from radiant, glowing health. If so, perhaps it is time to reframe. Let’s start by busting some common myths.

  1. Healthy eating is hard. Well, it will be if you think about it that way! Can you work on changing your mindset? Isn’t it incredible to have the opportunity to nurture your amazing body? Isn’t it easy to focus on ⅕ of the grocery store instead of wandering down all the processed food aisles? Isn’t it easy to have non-stop energy all day long, to sleep like a log, and to wake up without an alarm clock?

  2. Healthy eating takes too much time. In my experience, healthy eating can be as simple as you like. While it can be fun to try out those exotic recipes on occasion, I find that most of my meals are really simple. I pick a protein, choose some veggies, add fat and I am set! For example, my favorite meal is grilled salmon, a colorful salad with olive oil and balsamic and roasted Brussels sprouts. Tom grills the fish while I chop veggies; it takes half an hour, max.

  3. Healthy eating is boring. Oh my goodness, I am always finding new things to try. How about buying different meats, veggies, fruits, fats, nuts, and seeds? Visit the farmer’s market with your kids and let them pick out fun new produce to try. Experiment with fresh herbs and exotic spices. Play with an InstantPot! Arrange your food artistically on beautiful serving trays. Appreciate the diversity of food from nature and learn to enjoy the preparation process. It is such an honor and a joy to prepare delicious food for your body in this way.

  4. Healthy eating doesn’t taste good. Newsflash: fat* is healthy and it makes everything taste delicious. Use *butter, ghee, bacon grease, coconut oil, avocado oil, or olive oil to really perk up those veggies. Also, when you eliminate processed foods from your diet you don’t really need to worry about hearty shakes of sea salt.

  5. Healthy eaters can’t be social.  I can ALWAYS find something to eat at a restaurant or a dinner party. My dining out staple is a huge salad with fish or chicken. If I want to tweak a menu item I politely ask for eliminations or substitutions and then I tip really well. When I go to a dinner party I bring something I know I will enjoy. Remember, you can almost always find a protein, a healthy fat, and veggies to eat.

  6. Healthy eating leaves no room for indulgences. My favorite indulgence is a weekly cheese plate (goat gouda, sheep manchego, humboldt fog, creamy goat cheese, olives) and a glass (or two) of Dry Farm low sugar wine.  I truly savor each bite and sip. I pay attention to my body and stop when I am satisfied. (This is the #1 secret of healthy eating, folks.)

Are any of these myths getting in the way of healthy eating and radiant, glowing health? Are there any healthy eating myths that you have personally busted? Leave me a comment below- I seriously love hearing from you!

♥ Are you ready to start your transformation? ♥