What Does it Mean to "Live in Flow"?

I find a penny on the ground. Parking spaces open up. The answers to questions pop into my head effortlessly. The right person shows up at the right time. I can't stop smiling. I feel sincere love and appreciation for all beings, even those with whom I have previously felt annoyance. The world feels magical. 

This is what I feel like when I am living in flow. 

I have learned that living in flow is takes preparation, in the form of daily practices. When I am not in flow (for example when I feel anxiety, irritation or stress), it is almost always because I have neglected my self-care practices. 

Here are some actions that I take to tap into my flow. As you read, can you think about practices that serve you? Do you have experiences with living in flow? What does it feel like when you are there? How do you get there? 

Morning Meditation. I have talked about this before (here and here) and I know I will talk about it again. Meditation quiets my mind and creates the space for ease and flow throughout my day. I noticed the most impact when I started used guided meditation instead of just quiet sitting. I like the Calm app, as each day there is a little lesson at the end, but I also utilize random YouTube meditations and the Abraham Hicks guided meditation app

Time Outside. I've learned that is very important for me to spend time outside every day. I used to talk long walks with my favorite podcasts, but now I enjoy technology free strolls in which I truly observe the trees, the birds, the plants, the animals. This feels like moving meditation and it is always refreshing, both during and after. 

Eating Clean. For me, eating clean involves lots of healthy fats and vegetables and moderate amounts of protein. Sugar takes me out of flow almost immediately. When I am eating clean I feel satiated, in love with my food, energetic and unstoppable. 

Doing Activities I Love. I take the time to do at least one favorite activity every day. My favorite activities bring me joy, keep me in the present moment, and dissolve stress. Doing what I love makes me the best possible version of myself. 

Gratitudes and Appreciation. When I practice gratitude I don't just say, "I'm grateful for my cabin, I'm grateful for my job, I'm grateful for my health...". Instead I FEEL that gratitude. I embody the cozy security that my cabin and job provide. I feel the energy of fabulous health as it flows through my body and out into the world. Gratitude with feeling behind it is powerful. The exciting thing is that I've learned that I can feel appreciation for something in essentially every moment! 

So, what do you think? Do you have experience living in flow? What does it feel like when you are there? How do you get there? As always, I would love to hear your thoughts. 

♥ Are you ready to start your transformation? ♥