A New Year, A New You

Happy New Year, friends! Tom and I have just returned from a beautiful trip to Mexico, filled with sun, seafood, sand, nature, guacamole, and a bit of tequila. We had a fabulous time, staying fairly true to our primal roots, with a glorious exception here and there. The exceptions were fun (warm homemade corn tortillas with fried shrimp and queso fresco!) but now we are ready to get back on track.

What about you? 

Did you make health resolutions this year? How are they going? I sincerely hope you are making progress towards your goals AND enjoying your life.

If that's not the case, have you asked yourself why? 

Do you know what you need to do but have a really hard time putting it into action? 

Are you doing everything "right" but aren't getting the results you desire? 

Are you following a health plan but you feel deprived, exhausted or restricted? 

Are you obsessing about everything you eat or how much exercise you do? Are you tired of keeping track so meticuoulsy? 

Are you ready to release the struggle? 

Friends, I know that I can help you. My "Release and Be Free" month long program guides you to: 

  • Food freedom
  • Increased energy
  • Weight release
  • Improved sleep
  • Glowing skin
  • An enjoyment of satiating, delicious foods
  • The ability to burn fat for fuel
  • Brain clarity
  • Reduced stress

Here's what life on my program looks like: 

You will enjoy trips to the grocery store, knowing that you only have to visit a small section and that you will find beautiful foods to create amazing meals.

You will open the fridge and know exactly what to eat: no worry, no guilt, no fear, no cravings.

You will live a life of freedom from the anxiety of food. 

You will shop for smaller clothes because your old ones are falling off!

You will feel confident and sexy in your new clothing.

You will enjoy limitless energy.

You will wake up fully rested, without an alarm clock.

You will appreciate when people are genuinely shocked at your age.

You will smile when friends ask what you are doing to look so amazing.

You will end food obsession so that you can focus on your life’s purpose! 

Are you ready?