Finding Your Passion

One of the fascinating things I have discovered while working with clients is that food issues get in the way of experiencing life to the fullest. While this may sound obvious to readers who are in the midst of a food struggle, I didn't make this connection until I fully adopted a primal lifestyle.

As I released my food struggle I suddenly had so much room and energy to enjoy passion projects. I realized how much I loved creating nutritious recipes in the kitchen and sharing them with others. I understood how important it was to feed my craving for time in nature. I took pictures, wrote blog posts, made podcasts and movies. Creative energy was flowing to me and I felt incredibly alive and fulfilled. 

I've noticed similar experiences with clients. When the food issues are released the passions surface. It's a very exciting time. 

Are you thinking, "I don't have any passions. I'm just trying to survive each day!"? 

Perhaps there is an obstacle in the way of your passions. Maybe it's food issues: you feel like you think about what to eat/what not to eat so much that there's little space in your head for anything else. If this is the case, maybe you are ready to release those thoughts and uncover your passions. (I can help you!) 

Or maybe your don't have the energy to do anything in your free time but watch Netflix or scroll through social media. 

If any of these things are true, I encourage you to do some reflecting. I think we all have fulfilling passions; in my belief system your life's purpose is to experience joy through these passions. You don't have to believe this to inherently understand that doing what you love feels good. 

If you can't instantly identify your passion, here are some tips to get you in touch with your heart’s desire.

1. Take time to be quiet. Our phones, computers and TVs provide a constant, noisy soundtrack that prevents us from taking a quiet moment to just be. Take a technology free walk in nature. Sit in meditation. Relax in a hot bath. When you take away digital distractions and practice quieting your mind you may be surprised at what you learn.

2. Think back to being a kid. What hobbies did you love to do? What things totally engaged you? What activities did your parents have a hard time pulling you away from for dinner?

3. Imagine the various jobs you’ve held. What duties did you love about each job? For example, if you were a taxi driver, did you love the freedom of driving around, connecting with new people? What other activities make you feel free and connected? 

4. The next time you find yourself totally absorbed in a project, make a note.  What is so engaging about the project?

5. Still not coming up with anything?  Well then it’s time to try something new. Perhaps you haven’t found your passion yet. I know you've heard it before, but it can very stimulating to sign up for a new class or workshop. I live in a very small town, but here is a sampling of opportunities posted on the bulletin board at my post office: yoga, indoor soccer, Bingo, beer brewing, crafting club, belly dancing, star gazing, movie making. Check out what your local community has to offer! 

Do you feel excited about the opportunity to release your food issues and uncover your passions, but you don't know where to start?  I can guide you! Send me an email ( or submit a comment in the "contact me" form.