Keto Cabbage Enchiladas

Tom was reminiscing about enjoying enchiladas in Mexico.

I had a cabbage sitting in my fridge. 

"Steamed cabbage leaves", I thought, "could make decent enchilada wraps!"

Truly, the goodness of enchiladas equals the meat, the sauce and the cheese. Would Tom even miss tortillas?

I set about creating an enchilada sauce with only real ingredients (and no sweetener). It was delicious. Then I instant pott-ed  a moose roast and the head of cabbage. I put everything together with some goat cheese and olives. The result was delicious and way more beautiful than the enchiladas in Mexico. 

Okay, so Tom did say he prefers a corn tortilla enchilada, because the cabbage leaves are essentially flavorless. But he loved everything else about this dish!

I hope you try it and let me know what you think! 

Keto Cabbage Enchiladas.jpg
Enchilada Sauce .jpg