Releasing Sugar Addiction

Today I feel compelled to share my thoughts on sugar, after having several conversations about the topic with clients, friends, classmates and complete strangers. I knew it was time to address sugar addiction again on my blog because so many people, just in the past week, have told me it's impossible to give up sugar!  

Now, if you are one of those people who can have a few squares of chocolate or one home-made cookie, this post will probably have little relevance to you. I will be talking about sugar addiction, for example: 

  • you think about sugar when you are not eating it
  • when you start eating sugar you can't stop

Here's a bit of my sugar story. Does anything sound familiar? 

I am a former sugar addict. Growing up, my parents were smart enough to know that sugar was bad for children, so we were rarely allowed it. This made me seek it out all the more. I was obsessed with sweets in my childhood; it amazes me that my teeth and organs are still operating after all that sneaky sugar eating. 

I continued to struggle with this addiction as an adult. I knew it was harmful to my health, but my will power seemed to evaporate around chocolate or home-made baked goods. I was the person who could not keep sweets of any kind in the house because I would completely lose my mind when I felt a chocolate bar calling to me from the cupboard. I now know that my brain was the puppet of greedy sugar bacteria in my gut, bacteria that hounded me relentlessly and wouldn't take no for an answer.

Will power was inconsequential in the fight against my sugar addiction. In an effort to manage the addiction I made deals with myself: 

  • "Don't eat sugar for six days and then you can eat as much as you want on the seventh." 
  • "If you run six miles today you can make those chocolate chip cookies you've been thinking (ie obsessing) about." 
  • "That was a stressful day, you deserve a treat." 
  • "So-and-so can eat sugar in moderation, you can "practice" moderation too!" 
  • "Stay true to your bikini prep diet for three months and then you can go crazy on vacation!" 

Those mental shenanigans did not serve me, they left me mentally exhausted and made my addiction worse. Believe me, I know what it feels like to be powerless in the face of sugar. But now I know how incredible it feels to be free from sugar's psychological and biological grip. 

I know that you can discover this same freedom! It is my mission to help you achieve this.

Are you ready? 

Here is my top tip for eliminating sugar bacteria, releasing intense cravings and reclaiming your health: 

 Don't eat sugar.

Seriously, in theory it is that simple. When you give up sugar and all sweeteners (both artificial and natural) for a month you will clean up your gut bacteria and completely transform your taste buds. Your intense cravings for sweets will disappear, you will release weight, and you will experience a new level of mental clarity and health. 

In practice, giving up sugar may take a bit more planning and structure. Here are a few places to start. 

1. Commit, in the core of your being, to a month without sugar. If you just said to yourself, "Well, that is impossible," stop it right now! That is your greedy sugar gut bacteria freaking out about their impending annihilation.  A month without sweets is 100% possible! Releasing sugar will involve daily choices, and all you have to do is be present with your choices, saying "yes" to health giving food and "no thank you" to sugary processed junk.

-Notice I said "a month". Don't tell yourself you can never have sugar again. You are just going to conduct an experiment for a short period of time. You can try sugar again after a month and see how you feel!-

2. Replace sugar with delicious, satiating foods. Sugar and processed foods are engineered to make your body and brain want more and more. In my experience, once I allowed myself to eat junk I couldn't stop. My belly might have been full, but my brain and gut bacteria never felt satisfied. Whole foods and an abundance of healthy fats will naturally satisfy your body and brain so that you eat with pleasure and stop eating with ease. Eat three meals a day, each with a serving of protein, a portion or two of quality fat, a bit of fiber, and a big pile of vegetables. 

3. Ask for help and guidance, and be open to receiving it. In your meditation practice (What? you aren't meditating? Start with just ten minutes a day!) request assistance from the universe/God/the spirit/your inner core. Enlist the support of your family, friends, coworkers, health leaders on social media, even waiters in restaurants. When you are questioned about your food choices, be open- if it feels right. You can express that you are releasing a sugar addiction and that you are committed to a month without sugar. In my experience people are very respectful, intrigued and even inspired. 

I know you can do this.

You have the power within to release sugar.

If you don't yet feel connected to your inner strength, perhaps you are ready for extra guidance and support. I am here for you! Are you ready to Awaken Your Glow and transform your life?

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