Is it "Spiritual" to Love Your Body?

If you are alive and connected to the internet you have no doubt been inundated with advice about what to do with/about your body. 

Love your body. Listen to your body. Know your body. Respect your body. Treat your body. Shake your body. Transform your body. 

I've been contemplating the concept of the physical body a lot this past year. Some of my favorite spiritual teachers stress that we are not our bodies, that the body is instead a vessel for the energy of our soul. Wayne Dyer explained how he was "himself" as a baby, as an adolescent, as an aging man. But he was not his body- the physical cells that made up his body were constantly dying and being replaced throughout his life. The body he occupied as an infant was completely different from his grown man body. The inner soul was the constant while his physical appearance repeatedly transformed. 

Over the past year I practiced the knowledge that "I" was not my physical body. I could feel the truth of who I was inside and it felt altogether different than my skin and bones. When my body began to expand physically I accepted the changes as an unavoidable effect of aging, sweeping symptoms under the rug as I continued to focus on "more important things", like my soul. :) 

As the year went on I avoided mirrors, scales and tight clothing. However, as much as I tried to ignore the symptoms, they kept popping up. Underneath all the self-love was an inkling of the feeling that I was uncomfortable in my expanding skin. 

The truth was, I was afraid of focusing energy on wanting more for my body. It didn't feel spiritual at all. 

Finally, I began to open to the idea that something wasn't right. Almost instantly the universe brought serendipitous information, which led to a panel of lab work confirming that it was time to make some changes to heal my body. 

I came to the conclusion that this special physical vessel is mine to inhabit for my time on the planet. I want to give it optimal health, and I want it to look good as well. Creating my best life includes creating my best body. 

And check out what the Buddha had to say about the body:

To keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

I have decided that it is indeed spiritual to love my body. It feels amazing to be healthy and in love with my physicality.

Now, my questions for you: 

  • Are you occupying a healthy body? 
  • Are you afraid to want more for your body?
  • Do you feel that wanting a physical change is too superficial?
  • Is a part of you fearul that optimal health for your body is impossible?

You may not be ready to believe this, (I've been there!) but you DO have the right to optimal health and a radiant body. Are you ready to learn more?

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