Is Alcohol an Obstacle?

If you read last week's post, you might recall that I believe sugar is the most common obstacle preventing people from achieving optimal health. I thought about another prevalent obstacle as I viewed a youngster on the Malecón sporting an "Espresso then Prosecco" t-shirt: alcohol. 

I will first state that I am not a teetotaler! I love the occasional glass of clean wine (thank you, Dry Farm Wines!) or a gorgeous sipping tequila. But I've also seen dramatic health improvements (in myself, clients, and friends) with the avoidance of alcohol for an extended period of time. 

Now, I definitely understand that you may enjoy perfect health while having a few glasses of wine a week. If that's the case, salud! Don't let me get in the way of your pleasurable sipping. 

However, if you have an inkling in your brain that booze might be interfering with your health goals, please continue reading. 

To begin, let's talk about what happens metabolically when you drink alcohol. You take a sip of your adult beverage and your body senses a toxic intruder. It wants to get rid of the poison immediately!  Metabolic attention shifts to processing the toxin instead of other things you've ingested. Before my Primal Health training I was under the impression that the empty calories in alcohol cause weight gain, but really, you gain weight from the food you eat while drinking alcohol. Your body pays no attention to metabolizing food when it is dealing with an emergency alcohol situation. And people tend to eat way more junk when they drink; those nutrients are pushed into fat cell storage so the body can focus on removing the toxin. I know in today's plastic-pesticide-polluted world we are subconsciously absorbing toxins into our bodies, but how often do you really want to choose to ingest poison? (If you are interested in reading more about the links between alcohol and disease, read this or this.)

"Okay", you might be saying, "so it's a toxin that can lead to health issues and weight gain, but it's also a lot of fun! How could I ever engage socially without a drink? How could I ever decompress at night without my glass of wine? I look forward to that glass of wine all day!" 

I remember thinking those same things, until I listened to a podcast with Jack Canfield and Dave Andrews, authors of "The 30 Day Sobriety Solution".  I recall Dave, a former alcoholic, saying that he thought it would be impossible to have fun at a party without the social lubricant of alcohol. However, when he became sober he discovered a completely different level of joy and magic in the world. Now he can't imagine giving up that mental vitality for the fuzzy-headed consequences of even one drink. He spoke with such conviction that I believed that feeling better without alcohol was indeed possible. 

Tom and I started our first 30 day alcohol-free cleanse shortly thereafter. I discovered Dave was right! I could attend social events, sip on a mocktail and experience mental clarity and an ability to focus in the present moment. I felt so joyful, energized and healthy! Not only did I notice mental transformations, but abstaining from alcohol dramatically reduced the puffiness and inflammation in my body. 

If you are struggling with alcohol, or feel like you might be addicted, I highly recommend "The 30 Day Sobriety Solution".

If you drink in moderation, but feel unable to reach your health goals, why not abstain from alcohol for thirty days. You have nothing to lose- except fuzzy-headed social situations, hangovers, and inflammation! 

Does giving up alcohol or sugar for a month sound impossible or overwhelming to you?

I will guide you to your health transformation with ease and joy! 

Contact me for more information about my one month "Release and Be Free" cleanse. This program is designed to clean up gut bacteria, transform taste buds, decrease sugar and alcohol cravings, release weight, and gain incredible mental clarity and energy. 

I know I can help you achieve radiant, vibrant health! I can't wait to hear from you.