The Practice of Reframing

About a week before leaving for Mexico I met with my naturopath to review blood work results. It appeared that it was time to bring my estrogen and thyroid back into balance. I could either start hormone replacement therapy, or I could complete a detox protocol for six weeks to restore hormonal harmony naturally. I chose the second option.

Driving home from the appointment I began to digest the situation. My first response was confusion. I thought I’d been taking extremely good care of my body! Did this mean I didn't even know how to take care of my own body? What was going on in there?

My next feeling was more of an exclamation. A six week detox meant no tequila, ahi tuna or cheese in Mexico!

I allowed myself to feel sad for a few hours, but I soon realized that this was not a negatively charged obstacle, instead it was a fascinating health mystery to solve. And how lucky was I, to have the time and resources to solve it?

I consciously opened my mind to gratitude and opportunity.

I was grateful to have a beautiful naturopath who fully supported my decision to forgo medication.

I was appreciative to have unlimited resources available online, and the gift of summer vacation to indulge in reading and research.

I was excited to reintroduce foods into my daily menu, like sweet potatoes and plantains!

I luxuriated in the amazing sleep and mental clarity of an alcohol free lifestyle.

I became excited about the opportunities that would arise as my hormones returned to harmony.

Now I can tell you with 100% certainty that I am loving this period of detoxification and investigation. And it all started with a conscious decision to re-frame.

Let me break it down for you, by going back to that initial consultation with my naturopath. I could have walked out of that appointment headed down a completely different path. I could have been angry with my body for under-performing. I could have felt sorry for myself as I watched people sipping margaritas on the beach, sprinkling cotija cheese on their tacos with wild abandon. I could have viewed the detox plan as restrictive and challenging. But that would have sucked! I don’t want a life that sucks.

Instead I choose to create a life of expansion and juicy goodness by deliberately choosing my thoughts.

I talk a lot about reframing because I think it is the key to creating the life of your dreams. I’ve been practicing this skill for a number of years and now I’m delighted to say that it comes fairly easily to me. But this was not always the case! It took years of awareness and concerted practice.

Now I have a few questions for you.

What situation in your life can you reframe?

Are you in the midst of an experience that you have categorized as negative?

What would your life look like if you released that negative connotation and opened your mind to the beautiful opportunities that this experience could bring?

I know that at first reframing can seem difficult, or maybe even impossible. But I am here to help you!

Believe me, when you practice and actualize the skill of reframing you can create the life of your dreams. If you feel inspired to work with me to reframe your health situation and awaken your glow, fill out the contact form on my home page or email me: I look forward to hearing from you!