What Would Life be Like If....?

A few years ago, I remember listening to a friend talk about starting a sugar cleanse and thinking, “Oh, I could never do that!”

At the time, I didn’t give myself the space to ponder:

“What if I could do a sugar cleanse?”

“What if a cleanse helped end my sugar addiction?”

“What would life be like with true food freedom?”

A few years later I was ready to open my mind to the vision of a future healthy self, free from sugar addiction and the struggle of emotional eating. The vision was so convincing that I was finally ready to stop making excuses and begin to change old patterns.

As I continue to experience the unfolding of my health journey, I find new opportunities to practice reframing my resistance to change.

For example, a few weeks ago I was visiting my naturopath, telling her how amazing I felt, so amazing that my body was waking me up at 3 AM, raring to go for the day! This had turned into a problem because waking up at 3 AM made it almost impossible to get eight hours of sleep at night. I would start to get sleepy around 6 PM, which was not in alignment with my vision of my healthy self.

My naturopath suggested that the early rising might be a blood sugar issue. Could I eat my starchy carbs, like sweet potatoes, for lunch instead of dinner?

“Maybe,” I answered, although the first thought in my brain was, “Nope. I like my sweet potatoes with dinner, thank you very much, and good-bye.”

I pondered her advice as I drove home. I made excuses. I don’t have enough time at work to really enjoy sweet potatoes for lunch! Sweet potatoes with dinner felt like a special dessert! I don’t want to take away that pleasurable moment of my nightly meal. No, I just couldn’t make the change.

(I realize how absolutely silly this sounds, by the way. Looking back, the resistance in my brain was ridiculous.)

However, after a few more 3 AM wake up calls, I decided to reframe.

What if it was just as fun to eat sweet potatoes for lunch?

What if I didn’t even miss them at dinner?

What if, as a result of this tiny change, my body woke up naturally at 5 AM instead of 3 AM?

So, I went for it. I ate my sweet potatoes for lunch instead of for dinner.

And guess what? It was no big deal. I loved having sweet potatoes for lunch. It made my work meal feel special.

And for dinner I was absolutely fine not eating the sweet potatoes. What was I all worked up about, anyway?

That simple correction allowed me to sleep a full eight hours, waking up naturally at 5 AM. It was truly easy!

Sometimes we are so resistant to change that we become comfortable being uncomfortable. But I have learned a transformative truth on my journey to radiant health:

Change can be scary, but this is where true growth happens.

And, incredibly, the changes that once seemed impossible to me, now feel inconsequential. I can hardly remember feeling that initial resistance to a sugar cleanse!

Let me ask you a few questions.

What would life be like if you could spend this holiday season free from sugar addiction?

How would you feel if you were releasing weight instead of gaining weight before the new year?

What would it look like to feel confident, sexy and free at your holiday parties instead of uncomfortable, stuffed and guilty?

What would it feel like to start 2019 with a brand new body, instead of dreading the diet you promised yourself you would start January 1st?

With a few small changes, this is your future healthy self.

The last Awaken Your Glow 12 Week Transformation Program of 2018 begins this week.

Are you ready to join me?

If you are feeling initial resistance, tap into that vision of your future healthy self. Remember, the changes that seem overwhelming now will soon seem like a distant memory.

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